Floor plan 3D & 2D Improved with our App update soon

Building your floor plan in 3D is getting even more enjoyable.

Our app Keyplan 3D is getting updated very soon. New objects, improved performance and stability.

Quickly get more information on this page : House Design & Decoration.

Everyone has experience the need to draw a floor plan with pencil and paper. Wether it is required to introduce your idea to an architect or a building constructor wether to explain clearly your project to your surrounding. This is a painful and difficult process to clearly share such important matter. The company Quasarts developed a brand new application to make possible floor plan drawing not only in 2D but also in 3D. No need of any architecture knowledge. It is well known that designing a future living space will be a keystone in everyone life. We provide you the simplest tool to bring your project to reality. One hand drawing supported by our intelligent engine will transform struggle into child play.

Check the official website : http://www.keyplan3d.com

Features include :

  • Building Floor plan 3D & 2D in fused mode without loading time. Architects and Interior decoration joint together.
  • Painting with one Click.
  • Sharing on main social network.
  • Synchronization with iCloud. Find your plan on all your devices without having to do anything.
  • 350 objects, furnitures, appliances, and more.

a floor plan 3D view in 2D from Keyplan 3D app

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