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Myth : It is a common spread word that building apps natively per platform is waste of money and time.

Answer : To get a good review from your customers, native App is a must Have.

At first, it would sound quite logical that a cross-platform app is a good choice. A single core of code, adapted to each platform by a magical process which would allow anyone anywhere on this planet to understand each other is simply an illusion which as never reached reality.
Computer languages as Herb Sutter (the great member of ISO C++ board) stated, are tools dedicated for a precise usage. Some are heavy but easy to write, others are light and lighting fast, but harder to master. They all have their usage, and it’s a false idea to believe to gather all of them in one single universal solution. A clear example is Mark Zuckerberg who called over reliance on HTML5 one of its biggest mistakes.

The easy path is not always the safest one. Building an App and providing App development Services around a same and unique cross-platform solution is most of the time delivering to consumer a diluted poorly optimized experience. The fact is that cooking the same meal for everyone must make people unhappy and disappoint most of them. It’s the same when erasing devices specific features built upon a pure cross-platform development.

There is no all-in-one solution. Checking the mobile App stores, there are no hybrid approaches which are ranked in the top App selling charts.

Furthermore, being distinct is a day to day goal for each smartphone constructor on the market. A safe and clear App Development Services must care about each specific platforms and get the best of each of them. This is the only way to reach a high user experience satisfaction.


We provide specific App Development Services for each platform : Android & Java. iPhone/iPad & Objective C

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